Treat your pooch, to a spa day while you're away. So when you come home they're smelling and looking good.

We use Shaggy Chix Pet Spa service for all of our grooming needs.  We chose to use Shaggy Chix because every time an employee or client has requested a service its always been done to our and their expectations, as well as in a timely manner. They also offer "in-between trims, gland secretion, and nail trims". This groomer has a big heart for rescue !

If you find your stinky doggie needs a bath outside of a time in which they are scheduled to come for doggie day care or boarding, you may contact this service directly. At which time the business owner can set up a grooming appointment where you bring your poochie directly to him! 

For contact information for Shaggy Chix, please call the resort at 757.491.7720